Miraculous displays of the four ways of training

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The miraculous displays of the four ways of training (Tib. འདུལ་བ་བཞི་, Wyl. 'dul ba bzhi) are the dominion of nirmanakayas. They are:

  1. To train beings through the perfect deeds of their Body endowed with great merit, such as the twelve deeds (མཛད་པ་བཅུ་གཉིས་, mdzad pa bcu gnyis).
  2. Training beings with their Mind endowed with the direct perception of the great clear perceptions. They are the six clear perceptions (མངོན་ཤེས་དྲུག, mngon shes drug).
  3. Training beings through the great magical displays of their inconceivable Qualities and Activities. These are the various magical displays of actions with three secrets (གསང་གསུམ་, gsang gsum)—Body, Speech and Mind.
  4. Training through their Speech teaching the five vehicles, or their Speech teaching the Mahayana.[1]

Sources and References

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