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All of our content is offered for free to support the international community of people who study and practice Tibetan Buddhism in any tradition or form.


If you find any benefit from this online encycolpedia and media library, we welcome your donations! They will help us train future contributors by helping them to attend the Rigpa Shedra.

You can find information on how to support the activities of the Rigpa Shedra on the Rigpa Shedra website: rigpashedra.org.

  • Note: On the donation page, please select: Rigpa Education and An Education in Rigpa Shedra East

Contribution as Content Editor

We welcome the contribution of anyone—not just of Rigpa students—who has a solid background in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and possesses any area of expertise. You can write to our wikimaster at the following address if you wish to create an editor's account: rigpa.wiki@rigpa.org

See our policy for editors.