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འདུལ་བ། (Wyl. 'dul ba) n. Pron.: dulwa

བཏུལ་བ།  འདུལ་བ།  གདུལ་བ།  ཐུལ།  ༼ཐ་དད་པ་༽
past pres. fut. imp. v.t.
  • vinaya [Literature Terminology]
  • Skt. vinaya. [Texts] [Three Pitakas]
  • Skt. विनयः, vinaya, Pron.: vinaya. From Sanskrit: leading away or asunder, separating | cast, thrown | secret | m. taking away, removal, withdrawal | leading, guidance, training (esp. moral training), education , discipline, control | (with Buddhists) the rules of discipline for monks | good breeding, propriety of conduct, decency, modesty, mildness ib. (in the Purāṇas sometimes personified as son of Kriyā or of Lajjā) | an office, business | N. of a son of Sudyumna | a man of subdued senses | a merchant, trader | ([ā]), f. Sida Cordifolia | [-karman] n. instruction | [-kśudraka] or [ka-vastu] n. N. of a Buddhist wk. | [-grāhin] mfn. conforming to rules of discipline, compliant, tractable | m. an elephant which obeys orders | [-jyotis] (?), m. N. of a Muni Kathās | [-tā] f. good behaviour | modesty | [-datta] m. N. of a man | [-deva] m. N. of a teacher Buddh. | of a poet Sadukt | [-nandin] m. N. of the leader of a Jaina sect Inscr. | [-ṃ-dhara] m. N. of a chamberlain Veṇis | [-pattra] n. = [-sūtra] (below) Buddh. | [-piṭaka], ‘basket of discipline’, (with Buddhists) the collection of treatises on discipline | [-pradhāna]mfn. having humility pre-eminent, of which modesty is chief.| [-pramāthin] mfn. violating propriety, behaving ill or improperly | [-bhāj] mfn. possessing propriety or modesty | [-maya] mf ([ī]) n. consisting of propriety | [-yogin] mfn. possessing humility | [-rāma] m. = [-sundara] | [-vat] mfn. well-behaved (in [a-vin]) | ([atī]), f. N. of a woman | [-vallī] f. N. of wk. | [-vastu] n. (with Buddhists) N. of a section of the works which treat of Vinaya | [-vāc] mfn. speaking modestly | f. modest speech | [-vijaya] m. N. of an author | [-vibhāśā-zāstra] n. N. of a Buddhist wk. | [-zrī] f. N. of a woman | [-sāgara], [-sundara] m. N. of authors | [-sūtra] n. (with Buddhists) the Sūtra treating of discipline | [-stha] mfn. conforming to discipline, compliant, tractable | [-svāminī] f. N. of a woman | of a king of the race of the Cālukyas | ([-pura] n. N. of a town built by Jayāpiḍa) | endowed with modesty, humble [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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