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Aparagodaniya (Skt. aparagodānīya; Tib. བ་གླང་སྤྱོད།, Balangchö, Wyl. ba lang spyod; Eng. 'Enjoyer of Cattle') is one of the four main continents that surround Sumeru, the central mountain in classical Buddhist cosmology. It is the western continent, characterized as “rich in the resources of cattle,” thus its name “using cattle.” It is circular in shape, measuring about 7,500 yojanas in circumference, and is flanked by two subsidiary continents. Humans who live there are very tall, about 7.3 metres on average, and live for 500 years. It is known by the Sanskrit names: Godānīya, Aparāntaka, Aparagodānīya, or Aparagoyāna.[1]


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