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The categorized absolute (Skt. paryāyaparamārtha; Tib. རྣམ་གྲངས་པའི་དོན་དམ་; Wyl. rnam grangs pa'i don dam) is described as a provisional form of absolute truth, in which emptiness is understood as an absolute negation (Wyl. med dgag) through the refutation of arising and so on. It is connected with the ordinary mind and with the stage of post-meditation.

Alternative Translations

  • Absolute qua denotable (Kapstein)
  • Approximate ultimate
  • Conceptual absolute
  • Conceptual ultimate (Pettit)
  • Discursively formulated ultimate (Lipman)
  • Figurative ultimate (Dreyfus)
  • Notational ultimate (Phuntsho)
  • Represented ultimate (Dreyfus & Garfield)
  • Nominal ultimate (Adam Pearcey)

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