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Choegon Rinpoche Choekyi Wangchuk, courtesy of

His Eminence Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche, Thutop Choekyi Wangchuk (b. 1966) is one of the most important masters within the Drukpa Kagyü tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Five centuries ago, the first Choegon Rinpoche was accorded the highest honour by becoming the teacher of Pema Karpo, the fourth Gyalwang Drukpa. Choegon Rinpoche Choekyi Wangchuk is the ninth in a line of successive reincarnations who are renowned as accomplished teachers of Vajrapani and Mahakala. There are actually two reincarnations of the eighth Choegon Rinpoche; the other being Choegon Rinpoche Tenzin Chokyi Gyatso.

In 1966 the present Choegon Rinpoche, Thutop Choekyi Wangchuk, took birth in a yogic family in the remote Himalayan town of Kinnaur. At the age of six, he was recognised by the 16th Karmapa and Khamtrul Rinpoche Dongyü Nyima as the ninth Choegon Rinpoche. His main teachers were Khamtrul Rinpoche, who gave him the main Drukpa Kagyü lineage, and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, who gave him teachings from the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He also received the complete Drukpa transmission from Adeu Rinpoche. After completing his training, Choegon Rinpoche served as the vajra master of Khampagar Monastery for eight years, and as the monastery's president for three years.

Rinpoche’s clarity, warmth and humour together with his fluency in English make him a much admired teacher.

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