Five strengths

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Five strengths (Skt. pañcabala; Tib. top nga; Wyl. stobs lnga) are the fifth group of practices in the thirty-seven factors of enlightenment, practised on the final two stages of the path of joining. They are:

  1. faith (Skt. śraddhā)
  2. diligence (Skt. vīrya)
  3. mindfulness (Skt. smṛti)
  4. concentration (Skt. samādhi)
  5. wisdom (Skt. prajñā)

The Sutra of the Ten Bhumis says:

"The five strengths are the same as the above [i.e., the five powers], once they have become capable of overcoming their opposing factors."

Alternative Translations

  • Five (spiritual) powers