Four dhyanas

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Four dhyanas (Tib. བསམ་གཏན་བཞི་, samten shyi, Wyl. bsam gtan bzhi) — the four levels of dhyana, corresponding to the four levels of the form realm. Khenpo Pema Vajra says:

  1. The first dhyana level which is accomplished in this way has five features: conception, discernment, joy, physical wellbeing and samadhi.
  2. The second dhyana, which is even more peaceful, has four features: the perfect clarity in which conception and discernment have been relinquished, joy, physical wellbeing and samadhi.
  3. The third dhyana, which is more peaceful still, has five features: equanimity in which the concept of joy has been abandoned, mindfulness, watchful awareness, physical wellbeing and samadhi.
  4. The fourth dhyana, which is called the ultimate dhyana because it is yet more peaceful, has four features: the neutral sensation in which the sensation of physical wellbeing has been abandoned, mindfulness, the mental formation of equanimity, and samadhi.