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Negative or harmful actions (Skt. pāpa; Tib. སྡིག་པ་, dikpa, Wyl. sdig pa) —

Negative actions are like the fire, and the obscurations are like the smoke. Negative actions create more obscurations, obscurations create more ignorance, and this makes you more prone to negativity. The negative action creates not only its own immediate karmic fruition but at the same time it creates an obscuration in your mind.

What is the difference between harmful actions (dikpa) and negativity (mi gewa)?

‘Negativity’ is a general term to denote the unvirtuous and immoral. ‘Harmful action’ is more intense; not only are such actions unvirtuous, but they are destructive and cause harm. To have an unvirtuous thought is only in the mind, and it is not necessarily acted out. In general ‘harmful action’ is connected to physical action.

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