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Jikmé Ngotsar Gyatso (Tib. འཇིགས་མེད་ངོ་མཚར་རྒྱ་མཚོ་, Wyl. 'jigs med ngo mtshar rgya mtsho) aka Getse Lama Sönam Tendzin (དགེ་རྩེའི་བླ་མ་བསོད་ནམས་བསྟན་འཛིན་, dge rtse'i bla ma bsod nams bstan 'dzin) (b.1759-1834[1]) was a direct student of Jikmé Lingpa (and one of the Four Jikmés) as well as a student of the Third Dzogchen Rinpoche. He taught luminaries such as Gyalsé Shenpen Tayé and Patrul Rinpoche. He founded Kilung Monastery in 1790.


  1. Dates as given by Kilung Rinpoche.

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