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Jinamitra (Skt.; Tib. རྒྱལ་བའི་བཤེས་གཉེན་ or ཛི་ན་མི་ཏྲ།, Wyl. rgyal ba'i bshes gnyen or dzi na mi tra) was a Kashmiri pandita, who was invited to Tibet during the reign of King Trisong Detsen (r. 742-98 ᴄᴇ) and was involved with the translation of nearly two hundred texts, continuing into the reign of King Tri Ralpachen (r. 815-38 ᴄᴇ). He was among the small group of panditas responsible for the Mahavyutpatti Sanskrit–Tibetan dictionary.[1]

He also passed on the teaching of monastic discipline, including its pith instructions.[2]


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