Lama Tsewang Lhagyal

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Lama Tsewang Lhagyal (Tib. བླ་མ་ཚེ་དབང་ལྷ་རྒྱལ་, Wyl. bla ma tshe dbang lha rgyal), aka Ngagchang Tsewang Lhagyal or Tokden Lama Tsewang Lhagyal, was a main Dudjom Tersar and Sera Khandro lineage holder from Riwoche Monastery, Kham. He later became a student of Dudjom Rinpoche and of Chatral Rinpoche.


His father was Dho Khyentse goma Jamyang Losel, aka Chaksel Lama, a great Nyingma master and tertön, who was a tulku of Domang Monastery in Eastern Tibet and was considered to be the one of the six Khyentse Tulkus circa 1920[1]. Dho Khyentse goma Jamyang Losel was a direct disciple of Dudjom Lingpa and many of his texts are still available in Tsasum Chokhorling Gompa today. Dho Khyentse goma Jamyang Losel was locally known as the Chaksel Lama, “Prostrations lama” because he prostrated from Golok to Lhasa, and on the way he met his wife Dagmo Kyi (lady) from Kham Riwoche. After accomplishing his prostration to Lhasa he returned with his disciples to Golok and he lived at Kham Riwoche in a small village called Yabrangkha. Then, Sera Khandro invited him to Chenmo Dhar which is three kilometers far from Yabrangkha, where she offered the holy place to him and accordingly, he established Tsasum Chokhorling.

His mother was Dagmo Kyi who had two sons, Lama Tsewang Lhagyal and Tulku Kunzang who were both were Nagtons (སྔགས་སྟོན།) and very highly respected Vajrayana Lamas in general and especially in within the Nyingma lineage. In Kham Riwoche, Lama Tsewang Lhagyal and Tulku Kunzang were considered to be among the most wrathful and powerful Lamas of their generation [2]


Lama Tsewang Lhagyal first studied with his father Dho Khyentse goma Jamyang Losel, who was a direct disciple of Dudjom Lingpa He also studied with Sera Khandro and received from her the instructions on Nakmo Tröma Chö, the oral transmission for the elaborate Nakmo Tröma, and the Pith instructions on the Nakmo Tröma chö cycle, and various instructions taught by Dudjom Lingpa. Later, Lama Tsewang Lhagyal received extensive teachings from Dudjom Rinpoche and from Chatral Rinpoche.


In late 1977 through early 1978, Lama Tsewang Lhagyal participated in the last major empowerments granted by Dudjom Rinpoche — The complete Dudjom Tersar empowerments, both of Dudjom Linpa and of Dudjom Rinpoche — which were given in Dudjom Gompa, Orgyen Dongak Chökhorling, the monastery of Dudjom Rinpoche in Boudnath, Nepal.


Among his students are:


Lama Tsewang Lhagyal and his brother Tulku Kungzang had two sons with their first wife Dagmo Dorje Drolma: Pema Tenzin and Rigzin Sonam who both became Nagtons.

  • Rigdzin Sonam was a practitioner of Sowa Rigpa (a doctor of Tibetan medicine). He spent most of his time practicing meditation and passed away at a young age.
  • Pema Tenzin was also a Sowa Rigpa practitioner and looked after Tsasum Chokhorling Monastery and he made all the statues in the monastery. In her book of prophecies, Sera Khandro predicted that Pema Tenzin would bring great benefit to beings and he would guard and develop the white-robed lineage holders, Go Kar Changlo Chan ( གོས་དཀར་ལྕང་ལོ་ཅན། ) of the Dudjom Tersar.

Pema Tenzin and Rigdzin Sonam had two sons and a daughter; Dakpa Tenzin, Tenzin Gyaltso and Yangchen Drolma.

Final Years

Lama Tsewang Lhagyal passed away in the 1990’s and there were many auspicious signs at his cremation. As he was a Tröma Nakmo yogi himself, when he passed away, his realization manifested into the essence of Vajra Body, Speech and Mind, and thus left behind his heart, tongue and eyes [when cremated].


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  2. Tulku Kunzang went to Golok and received empowerments from Tulku Dorje Dradül, the youngest son of Dudjom Lngpa, and from many other high lamas from the Dudjom Tersar lineage. He passed away at his young age in Shimla India.

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