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Resentment (Skt. upanāha; Wyl. Tib. འཁོན་དུ་འཛིན་པ་, ‘khon du ‘dzin pa) — one of the fifty-one mental states defined in Abhidharma literature. According to the Compendium of Abhidharma, it belongs to the subgroup of the twenty subsidiary destructive emotions.


In the Khenjuk, Mipham Rinpoche says:

  • Tib. འཁོན་དུ་འཛིན་པ་ནི་ཁོང་ཁྲོ་བའི་ཆར་གཏོགས་པ་གནོད་པའི་བསམ་པ་རྒྱུན་མི་གཏོང་ཞིང་མི་བཟོད་པར་བྱེད་པའོ།
  • Resentment is an unforgiving mind which does let go of the thought of harming someone. It belongs to the category of anger. (Rigpa Translations)
  • Resentment belongs to the category of anger. It causes one to cling to an intention to cause harm, and to refrain from forgiving. (Erik Pema Kunsang)

Alternative Translations

  • Rancor (Padmakara)
  • Grudge (David Karma Choepel)
  • Enmity (Gyurme Dorje)
  • Grudge-holding (Tony Duff)