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The sky treasury mudra is generally performed in Vajrayana practice while reciting Samantabhadra's offering mantra in order to consecrate, increase and multiply offerings through meditation. Offerings thereby become a vast treasure that is inexhaustible, just like the offering clouds of the noble bodhisattva Samantabhadra.

Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche says:

The Sky Treasury Mudra includes a wish-fulfilling jewel which you make with your hands. With the creation of the wish-fulfilling jewel, the material offerings become beautiful to look at, emit a pleasant sound, smell delicious, taste delectable and feel wonderful (the five sensual stimulants); and the outer, inner and secret offerings multiply to become inconceivable in number and inexhaustible – they will remain without diminishing for all time. The causes for making our offerings so inconceivably vast are: the blessings of the buddhas, the force of the aspirations of the bodhisattvas, our own accomplishment of the two accumulations and the incredible power of deity, samadhi, mudra and mantra.[1]

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  1. An Explanation of the ‘Single Mudra’: A Daily Practice from the Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik, a teaching given at Lerab Ling on 26 July 2006, available here.