Yongé Mingyur Dorje Incarnation Line

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Previous Incarnations

The Yongé Mingyur Dorje Incarnations

  1. Yongé Mingyur Dorje (Wyl. yongs dge mi 'gyur rdo rje) (1628/41-1708), a student of Karma Chakmé
  2. The Second Yongé Mingyur Dorje, who was known as "Three-Eyed Yongé"
  3. The Third Yongé Mingyur Dorje, Rimö Mingyur Dorje
  4. The Fourth Yongé Mingyur Dorje, Tragyen Mingyur Dorje
  5. The Fifth Yongé Mingyur Dorje, Shakha Mingyur Dorje
  6. The Sixth Yongé Mingyur Dorje, Neyra Mingyur Dorje
  7. The Seventh Mingyur Rinpoche (1975-present)