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Situ Panchen Chökyi Jungné

Dergé Kangyur (Tib. སྡེ་དགེ་བཀའ་འགྱུར་, Wyl. sde dge bka' 'gyur) was produced in 1733 at the Sakya Monastery in Dergé through the patronage of the ruler Tenpa Tsering (1678-1738) and under the careful direction of Situ Panchen Chökyi Jungné (1699/1700-1774). It contains 1,108 texts in 102 volumes, with the catalogue (karchak) of Situ Panchen added as volume 103. The cutting of the woodblocks lasted from 1729 to 1733. This edition was based primarily on the Lithang edition.

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