Gö Khukpa Lhetsé

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Gö Khukpa Lhetsé (Tib. འགོས་ཁུག་པ་ལྷས་བཙས་, Wyl. 'gos khug pa lhas btsas) (11th century) — a translator of the New Translation period. He tried to receive teachings from members of the Zur clan, but they refused to teach him. He also tried to receive teachings from Drokmi Lotsawa, but was asked too much money. And so he set out to India, making several trips, where he received many teachings, in particular on the Guhyasamaja Tantra.

He wrote a polemical work that challenged the authenticity of Nyingma tantras, perhaps in someway motivated by his earlier unfortunate encounters with the Zur family. It is also said that later he went to see Rongzom Pandita, and was so impressed that he became his disciple.

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