Non-abiding nirvana

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Non-abiding nirvana (Skt. aparatiṣṭhita-nirvāṇa; Tib. མི་གནས་པའི་མྱང་འདས་, mi nepé nyangdé, Wyl. mi gnas pa’i myang ‘das) is the great nirvana beyond both ordinary samsaric existence and the lesser nirvana of the basic vehicle, which is qualified as a 'static' nirvana (Skt. pratiṣṭhita-nirvāṇa).

Further Reading

  • Philippe Cornu, Manuel de bouddhisme — Philosophie, pratique et histoire. Tome II, Bouddhisme Mahāyāna (Editions Rangdröl, 2019), pages 56-66.