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Rage (Skt. krodha; Tib. ཁྲོ་བ་, trowa, Wyl. khro ba) — one of the fifty-one mental states defined in Abhidharma literature. According to the Compendium of Abhidharma, it belongs to the subgroup of the twenty subsidiary destructive emotions.


In the Khenjuk, Mipham Rinpoche says:

  • Tib. ཁྲོ་བ་ནི་ཁོང་ཁྲོ་འཕེལ་ཏེ་བརྡེག་པ་སོགས་གནོད་པ་དངོས་སུ་ཤོམ་པར་བྱེད་པའོ།
  • Rage is increased anger. It causes one to actually start preparing to harm others, such as by hitting them. (Rigpa Translations)
  • Fury is the increase of anger. It causes one to prepare to harm others, such as by hitting them. (Erik Pema Kunsang)

Alternative Translations

  • Aggressive anger (Padmakara)
  • Aggression (David Karma Choepel)
  • Anger (Gyurme Dorje)
  • Belligerence (Tony Duff)