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དུས། (Wyl. dus) n. Pron.:

  • time [Life of the Buddha] [The Four Considerations] [Ten Topics of Knowledge]
  • tense [Sanskrit Grammar Terms]
  • Skt. कालः, kāla, Pron.: kala. From Sanskrit: 1 [kāl'a] 2 m. (√ 3. [kāl], to calculate or enumerate '), a fixed or right point of time, a space of time, time (in general) | the proper time or season for (gen., dat., loc., in comp., inf., or Pot. with [yad] e.g. [kālaḥ prasthānasya] or [°nāya] or [°ne], time for departure | [kriyā-kāla], time for action | [ṅayaṃ kālo vilambitum], this is not the time to delay | [kālo yad bhuJjīta bhavān], it is time for you to eat | occasion, circumstance | season | meal-time (twice a day, hence [ubhau kālau], ‘in the morning and in the evening’ | [śaśṭhe kāle], ‘in the evening of the third day’ | a period of time, time of the world (= [yuga]) Rājat | measure of time, prosody | a section, part | the end | death by age | time (as leading to events, the causes of which are imperceptible to the mind of man), destiny, fate | time (as destroying all things), death, time of death (often personified and represented with the attributes of Yama, regent of the dead, or even identified with him : hence [kālam-√ i] or [kālaṃ-√ kR], to die | [kāla] in this sense is frequently connected with [antakā], [mṛtyu] e.g. [abhy-adhāvata prajāḥ kāla iv^antakāḥ], ‘he attacked the people like Time the destroyer' | cf. [kāl^antakā] | [kāla] personified is also a Devarshi in Indra's court, and a son of Dhruva | ([am]), acc. ind. for a certain time (e.g. [mahAntaṃ kālam], for a long time | [nitya-k°], constantly, always | [dīrgha-k°], during a long time | ([ena]), instr. ind. in the course of time | with [gacchatā] | [dīrgheṇa kālena], during a long time | after a long time | [kālena mahatā] or [bahunā] | ([At]), abl. ind. in the course of time | [kālasya dīrghasya] or [mahataḥ] | [kāsya-cit kālasya], after some time | (['e]), loc. ind. in time, seasonably | [kāle gacchati], in the course of time | [kāle yāte], after some time | [kāle kāle], always in time | [cf. Lat. [calen-doe] : Hib. [ceal], 'death and everything terrible.'] [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. पूर्वकालः, pūrvakālaḥ, Pron.: purvakalah [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP