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བསྐལ་པ། (Wyl. bskal pa ) Pron.: kalpa

  • Skt. कल्पः, kalpa, Pron.: kalpa. From Sanskrit: practicable, feasible, possible | proper, fit, able, competent, equal to (with | or | competent for duty | not competent for his own work | if he is not able to rule | a sacred precept, law, rule, ordinance | manner of acting, proceeding, practice (•esp. that prescribed by the Vedas) | a rule to be observed before any other rule, first duty | in this way | the most complete of the six Vedāñgas (that which prescribes the ritual and gives rules for ceremonial or sacrificial acts) | one of two cases, one side of an argument, an alternative | = | investigation, research | on | resolve, determination | treatment of the sick, manner of curing | the art of preparing medicine, pharmacy | the doctrine of poisons and antidotes | having the manner or form of anything, similar to, resembling, like but with a degree of inferiority, almost | almost impenetrable | according to native grammarians | so used is an accentless affix | before which a final | is left unchanged, and final | and | shortened | may be also connected with a verb | he cooks pretty well | on | a fabulous period of time (a day of Brahmā or one thousand Yugas, a period of four thousand, three hundred and twenty millions of years of mortals, measuring the duration of the world | a month of Brahmā is supposed to contain thirty such Kalpas. | according to the | fifty years of Brahmā's are supposed to have elapsed, and we are now in the | of the fifty-first | at the end of a Kalpa the world is annihilated | hence | is said to be equal to | below | with Buddhists the Kalpas are not of equal duration | N. of Mantras which contain a form of | a kind of dance | N. of the first astrological mansion | N. of a son of Dhruva and Bhrami | of Śiva | the tree of paradise | below | a particular abode of deities | and | below | a kind of intoxicating liquor | incorrect for [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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