Alak Zenkar Pema Ngödrup Rolwé Dorje

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Alak Zenkar Pema Ngödrup Rölwe Dorje (Tib. ཨ་ལགས་གཟན་དཀར་པདྨ་དངོས་གྲུབ་རོལ་པའི་རྡོ་རྗེ་,Wyl. a lags gzan dkar pad+ma dngos grub rol pa'i rdo rje) (1881-1943) — an incarnation of Do Khyentse. His birth was predicted by Dodrupchen I Jikmé Trinlé Özer. He received teachings from Gurung Tulku Rinpoche, a student of Mipham Rinpoche. He also received teachings from Mipham Rinpoche through a vision. He settled at Kyilung Monastery, one of the main seats of Do Khyentse. His incarnation is Alak Zenkar Rinpoche.

Further Reading

  • Tulku Thondup, Masters of Meditation and Miracles, Shambhala, 2002, pp. 275-277.

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