Chim Jampé Yang

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Chim Jampé Yang (Tib. མཆིམས་འཇམ་པའི་དབྱངས་, Wyl. mchims 'jam pa'i dbyangs) (13th century) — author of the most famous Tibetan commentary on Vasubandhu's Abhidharmakosha, The Ornament of Abhidharma, often known simply as the 'Chim Dzö' or 'Chim Chen'. Here large (chen) is referring to the size of his commentary. Some traditions identify the author of this text with Chim Namkha Drak.

His teacher was Chim Lozang Drakpa, who is known as The Omniscient Chim, and who is the author of the 'Chim chung', the smaller commentary.

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