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Concentration (Skt. samādhi; Tib. ཏིང་འཛིན་, tingdzin, Wyl. ting ‘dzin) — one of the fifty-one mental states defined in Abhidharma literature. According to the Compendium of Abhidharma, it belongs to the subgroup of the five object-determining mental states.


In the Khenjuk, Mipham Rinpoche says:

  • Tib. ཏིང་ངེ་འཛིན་ནི་བརྟག་པའི་དངོས་པོ་ལ་སེམས་རྩེ་གཅིག་པ་ཤེས་པའི་རྟེན་བྱེད་པའི་ལས་ཅན་ནོ།
  • Concentration is to have a one-pointed mind with regard to the examined entity. Its function is to support [correct] cognition. (Rigpa Translations)
  • Concentration means to have one-pointed mind with regard to the examined object. Its function is to support [right] cognition.(Erik Pema Kunsang)

Alternative Translations

  • Meditative stabil­ity (Gyurme Dorje))
  • samādhi or concentration (Tony Duff)

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