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Dharmarakshita (Skt. Dharmarakṣita; Tib. དྷརྨ་རཀྴི་ཏ་) — one of Atisha's masters and the author of Training the Mind: The Wheel Blade of Mind Transformation.

According to Patrul Rinpoche, "Dharmarakshita started out as a shravaka pandita of the Vaibhashika school. Although in the earlier part of his life he had never heard the teachings of the Mahayana, his natural affinity was to the Mahayana tradition, and without any deliberate effort he was filled with great compassion.[...] [Later] the authentic realization of the natural state dawned in Dharmarakshita's mind and the words of Nagarjuna's Five Treatises on the Middle Way were ceaselessly on his lips."[1]

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