Ephemeral Hells

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Ephemeral Hells (Skt. prāḍeśikanakara; Tib. ཉེ་ཚེ་བའི་དམྱལ་བ་, Wyl. nye tshe ba'i dmyal ba) — one of the eighteen hells.

Chökyi Drakpa writes:

The Ephemeral Hells are changing, in the sense that their location is not fixed and the degree of pain experienced there is also uncertain. You suffer through taking birth in a door, pillar, fireplace, rope and so on—in a mortar, a broom, or a pot. You suffer as you are trapped inside a stone, crushed between rocks, burned in a fire, boiled alive, or cut limb from limb as a piece of wood is cut. These are the ‘Ephemeral Hells’ in which you are always made use of and exploited. [1]