Four ambitions

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The four ambitions (Tib. གཏད་པ་བཞི་, tepa shyi, Wyl. gtad pa bzhi), which are counted among the ten innermost riches of the Kadampas, are:

  1. Set your mind upon the Dharma (བློ་ཕུགས་ཆོས་ལ་གཏད་, blo phugs chos la gtad)
  2. Entrust your Dharma to a life of poverty (ཆོས་ཕུགས་སྤྲང་ལ་གཏད་, chos phugs sprang la gtad)
  3. Consign your life of poverty to eventual death (སྤྲང་ཕུགས་ཤི་ལ་གཏད་, sprang phugs shi la gtad)
  4. Let that death be in an empty, barren hollow (ཤི་ཕུགས་གྲོག་པོ་སྐམ་ལ་གཏད་, shi phugs grog po skam la gtad)

Alternative Translations

  • Four basic aims
  • Four entrustments
  • Four objectives