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The Guhyasamaja Tantra (Skt. Guhyasamāja-tantra; Tib. གསང་བ་འདུས་པ་, sangwa düpa, Wyl. gsang ba 'dus pa) is the main Guhyasamaja tantra of the Desire Class of Father Tantras. According to the Blue Annals, it was first taught by Buddha Shakyamuni to King Indrabodhi of Oddiyana.

Translation into Tibetan

It was translated in the early translation period by Vimalamitra and Kawa Paltsek (the first 17 chapters), and chapter 18 by Buddhaguhya and Drogmi Palgyi Yeshé. However, in the present Kangyur it is stated that it was translated by Sraddhakaravarman and Rinchen Zangpo. Yet they had only revised the translation, and the names of the original translators have been removed for unknown reasons.[1]


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Further Reading

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