Heaven of the Thirty-Three

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Heaven of the Thirty-Three (Skt. Trāyastriṃśa; Tib. སུམ་ཅུ་རྩ་གསུམ་, Sumchu Tsasum, Wyl. sum cu rtsa gsum) — second heaven of the desire realm, situated on the summit of Mount Meru and presided over by thirty-three gods of whom Indra is the chief.

In the middle of it lies the city Sudarashana (Skt. Sudaraśana; Wyl. grong khyer lta na sdug, Eng. the city of "Lovely-to-See.”) The city has at its center (Wyl. rnam par rgyal ba'i khang bzang) the palace of Indra. The city is surrounded by four parks: 

  • 1. Caitraratha vana (Skt.; Wyl. shing rta sna tshogs kyi tshal; Eng. Park of Various Chariots),
  • 2. Parusaka vana (Skt. pārusakā vana or pāruṣyaka vana, Wyl. rtsub 'gyur tshal; Eng. Park of Armory),
  • 3. Mishraka vana (Skt. miśrakā vana; Wyl. ’dres pa'i tshal, Eng. Park of Various Activities), and
  • 4. Nandana vana (Skt.; Wyl. dga' ba'i tshal; Eng. Park of Delights).

The gods of the Heaven of the Thirty-Three regularly wage war against the asuras.

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