Implicative negation

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Implicative negation (Skt. paryudāsa-pratiṣedha; Tib. མ་ཡིན་དགག་, mayin gak, Wyl. ma yin dgag) is defined as "realizing through positive determination by eliminating the object of negation with the conceptual mind" (Wyl. rtog blos dgag bya dgag pa rnam par bcad nas yongs gcod du rtogs par bya ba).

It's a negation in which the possibility of another (positive) value is implied. For example, in the statement “It isn’t a cat that is on the roof,” the presence of a cat is denied, but in such a way as to suggest that there might be something else.

Alternative Translations

  • Internal negation (Samten & Garfield)
  • Negation of identity
  • Nominally bound negation
  • Partial negation
  • Qualified negation (LCN)
  • Affirming negative (Padmakara)

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