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Indra (Skt.; Tib. དབང་པོ་, wangpo, Wyl. dbang po) or Shakra (Skt. Śakra; Tib. བརྒྱ་སྦྱིན་ or བརྒྱ་བྱིན་, Gyajin, Wyl. brgya sbyin)[1] — one of the principal gods of Hinduism. According to Buddhist cosmology, Indra resides in and rules over the Heaven of the Thirty-Three, which is one of the six heavens of the desire realm. In the Buddhist scriptures he is also sometimes presented as a Dharma protector.


  1. Shakra means “Mighty One”, and the Tibetan "Gyajin" means “Hundred Gifts” (because he is said to have attained his state by performing one hundred pujas. This epithet often appears together with the title “King of Gods.”

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