Jikme Lingpa Timeline

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Jikme Lingpa Timeline


  • Birth (age 1 according to Tibetan counting)


  • At the age of five (six according to Tibetan counting) he joins Palri Ösal Tekchen Ling


  • At the age of thirteen he meets Tukchok Dorje.


  • He becomes a novice monk at the age of 14 (15 according to Tibetan counting)

1757 Fire Ox year

  • Starts first three year retreat
  • Composes his first major writing, the Detailed Commentary on the Lama Gongdü
  • Discovers the Longchen Nyingtik. In the evening of the twenty-fifth day of the tenth month of the Fire Ox year of the thirteenth Rabjung cycle he has his vision where he flies to the Boudha Stupa.
  • One scroll was the Dukngal Rangdrol and another A Casket of Enlightened Mind, a Manual of Essential Instructions


  • Starts second three year retreat at Chimphu. During the retreat he has three visions of Longchenpa.
  • Composes Words of the Omniscient One
  • Reveals The Spontaneous Vajra Song of Fulfilment and Confession while he was staying at Samye Chimphu.
  • He receives the Seventeen Nyingtik Tantras, the Vima Nyingtik, Lama Yangtik and other transmissions from Drubwang Orgyen Palgön (Shrinatha) of Mindroling Monastery.
  • After his retreat his has a vision of Thangtong Gyalpo

1761 Iron Snake year

1764 Wood Monkey Year

  • On the tenth day of the sixth month (8th of July) of the Wood Monkey year he gives the empowerments and explanation of the Longchen Nyingtik for the first time to fifteen disciples.[1]


  • At the age of 34 he moves from Chimphu to Tsering Jong and founds his monastery Pema Ö Ling


1771 Metal Rabbit Year

  • Wrote In Praise of the New Publication of the Collected Nyingma Tantras
  • "From the spring of the Metal Rabbit Year until summer of the next year I was busy with all the work concerning the publication of the precious Collected Tantras." (rnam thar, page 236)


  • At 43 he gathered together and commissioned the copying of the Nyingma tantras in twenty-five volumes and he composed his history of the Nyingma tantras, An Ornament which Pervades the World: A History of the Precious Collection of Tantras of the Earlier Translation School.


  • At 57 he visits Sakya
  • Dodrupchen comes to see him.


  • At 60 he gave teachings to the King and Queen of Derge, Sawang Zangpo and Tsewang Lhamo, at Samye. [2]


  • Writes his Discourse on India


  • At 62 he visits Göntse Gönpa of Tsona in Mön


  • At 63 Nepali forces attack Tibet and Jigme Lingpa performs ceremonies.


  • At 65 he and his consort have a son called Gyalse Nyinche Özer.


  • At the age of 65 (66 according to Tibetan counting) he reveals the Takhyung Barwa treasure.


  • At 69 he travels to Drikung for the enthronement of his son
  • At 70 he returned to Tsering Jong
  • Passes away on the third day of the ninth month of the Earth Horse year


  1. Tulku Thondup (Masters of Meditation and Miracles, page 128) has the year as 1765, but this is probably mistaken, since 1764 corresponds to the Wood Monkey Year. Also, Jigme Lingpa first discovered the Longchen Nyingtik in 1757, and he is said to have then waited for seven years before sharing the treasures with others.
  2. See https://treasuryoflives.org/biographies/view/Queen-Tsewang-Lhamo/TBRC_P10MS14671