Trilogy of Finding Comfort and Ease

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Longchen Rabjam

Trilogy of Finding Comfort and Ease (Tib. ངལ་གསོ་སྐོར་གསུམ་, Ngalso Kor Sum; Wyl. ngal gso skor gsum) — a trilogy of Dzogchen writings by Longchen Rabjam:

The Logic of Their Sequence

Longchenpa's commentary on the trilogy as a whole, entitled An Ocean of Fine Explanation: An Overview of the Trilogy of Comfort and Ease (Tib. ངལ་གསོ་སྐོར་གསུམ་གྱི་སྤྱི་དོན་ལེགས་བཤད་རྒྱ་མཚོ་, ngal gso skor gsum gyi spyi don legs bshad rgya mtsho) says:

  • In the beginning, when we first set out on the path, it is important that we establish a good foundation in the Dharma, and that is why the thirteen chapters of Finding Comfort and Ease in the Nature of Mind, from the difficulty of finding the freedoms and advantage onwards, offer an elaborate explanation of the Ground, the view that is beyond the two extremes. At the same time, they also explain aspects of the stages of the path and fruition.
  • Once we have understood the ground, we can begin to meditate on the path, and so the four chapters of Finding Comfort and Ease in Meditation offer a step-by-step explanation of the places where meditation can be practised, the types of individual suited to the practice, the techniques we can use in meditation and the types of concentration that can be achieved.
  • While this path is being practised it is important to have teachings on non-attachment and non-clinging towards phenomena. Thus, as a support, a clear and elaborate presentation of the stages of conduct is given in the eight chapters of Finding Comfort and Ease in the Illusoriness of Things. These chapters reveal, thoroughly and without any error, how to relate to all phenomena and to experience them as the eight similes of illusoriness.

Tibetan Texts

Further Reading

  • Guenther, H.V., Kindly Bent to Ease Us, vols. 1-3, Dharma Publishing, 1975-6 KBEU
  • The Dalai Lama, Mind in Comfort and Ease: The Vision of Enlightenment in the Great Perfection, Wisdom, 2007