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Buddha Kanakamuni (Skt.; Tib. གསེར་ཐུབ་, Sertup, Wyl. gser thub) was, according to the Mahayana, the second buddha of this Fortunate Aeon, during which 1002 buddhas will appear. According to the Basic vehicle, he is the fifth of the seven heroic buddhas, who preceded Buddha Shakyamuni.

The Good Eon Sutra says:

The birthplace of the thus-gone Kanakamuni is known as Fifth City. His family was brahmin. His light extended across half a league. Fire Gift was his father. Highest was his mother. Victorious Army was his son. Auspicious One was his attendant. Highest was foremost in terms of insight. Victory was foremost in terms of miraculous abilities. His first congregation consisted of seventy thousand monks, his second of sixty thousand monks, and his third of fifty thousand monks. The extent of his lifespan was thirty thousand years. His sacred Dharma remained for a thousand years. His relics remained in a single collection. There was also only one stupa.[1]

And furthermore:

The thus-gone Kanakamuni, when a garland maker,
Offered a garland of sumana flowers
To the thus-gone Lion Gait
And in doing so first gave rise to the mind of awakening.[2]


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