Khenpo Jamyang Drubpé Lodrö

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Khenpo Jamyang Drubpé Lodrö (Wyl. mkhan po 'jam dbyangs grub pa'i blo gros) (b.1932) is a khenpo of the Palyul tradition, who has composed several notable commentaries. His collected works have been published in four volumes and recently (2015) in nine volumes. The latter includes an extensive commentary on the Prayer for Spread of Nyingma Tradition (vol. 1), a large commentary on the Introduction to the Middle Way (vol. 2), the Beacon of Certainty (vol. 4), the Wish-Fulfilling Treasury (vol. 5), the Treasury of Pith Instructions (vol. 7) and an extensive commentary on the Dupa Do (vol. 8 & 9).

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