Lorepa Wangchuk Tsöndrü

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Lorepa Wangchuk Tsöndrü

Lorepa Wangchuk Tsöndrü (Tib. ལོ་རས་པ་དབང་ཕྱུག་བརྩོན་འགྲུས་, Wyl. lo ras pa dbang phyug brtson 'grus) (1187-1250) was an accomplished yogin who spent many years meditating in isolated retreat. An important master in the early history of the Drukpa Kagyü tradition who founded several monasteries in the later part of his life, he was a disciple of Tsangpa Gyaré Yeshe Dorje.

Alternative Names

  • Lorepa, ལོ་རས་པ་, lo ras pa,
  • Gyalwa Lorepa Wangchuk Tsöndru, རྒྱལ་བ་ལོ་རས་པ་དབང་ཕྱུག་བརྩོན་འགྲུས་, rgyal ba lo ras pa dbang phyug brtson 'grus,
  • Uripa, དབུ་རི་པ་, dbu ri pa,
  • Gyalwa Lorepa, རྒྱལ་བ་ལོ་རས་པ་, rgyal ba lo ras pa,
  • Lorepa Darma Wangchuk, ལོ་རས་པ་དར་མ་དབང་ཕྱུག་, lo ras pa dar ma dbang phyug

Further Reading

  • Nālandā Translation Committee, The Rain of Wisdom, Shambhala Publications, 1980
  • Nālandā Translation Committee, 'The Yogin Lorepa's Retreat at Lake Namtso' in Donald S. Lopez (ed.) Religions of Tibet in Practice, Princeton University Press, 1997

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