Prayer for the Long Life of Sogyal Rinpoche by Penor Rinpoche

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Prayer for the Long Life of Sogyal Rinpoche composed by Kyabjé Penor Rinpoche

om swasti ösel dorje tek péi sang sum chü

Om swasti You who grant us fortunate ones

ma lü tser gong kalden kyé dro la

The teachings of the three secret essences of Dzogpachenpo, path of luminosity,

tap khé chöpé tsol dzé lérab ling

With love for each and every being, and with perfect skill:

sonam gyaltsen trinlé pal bar shok

Sonam Gyaltsen, incarnation of Lerab Lingpa, may your activities shine in splendour!

On Sunday, 23rd July 1995, when the Rigpa Sangha offered the Sundok and Tenshyuk ceremonies to Sogyal Rinpoche, this prayer was made by Paltrul Pema Norbu.