Prayer for the Long Life of Sogyal Rinpoche by Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

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Prayer for the Long Life of Sogyal Rinpoche by Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

om swati shyi gyé wang drak chok gi lerab jam
Om Swati. May all be auspicious. All the profound activities of peacefulness, increasing, conquering, wrathfulness, and especially the supreme state of Buddhahood

tak khyap lhün gyi drup pé trinlé chen
Are always all-pervasive and self-accomplished.[1]

nyik drö kyap chik nga yap lingpa la
To the sole refuge of the kaliyuga's beings, Ngayab Lingpa,[2] Padmasambhava,

dü sum du dral mé pé chak gyio
I prostrate in the indivisibility of the three times.

gang gi rang shyin drip dral nyuk mé kham
Your nature[3] is stainless unending wisdom elements.

chö chen dul jé kham kyi jé drowé
From that, you reflect the faculties of beings to be subdued, who are the see-ers of the phenomena of

sönam yéshé tsok chen dzokpé ku
The body of the perfection of great merit and wisdom[4]

ka ter ten pé gyal tsen trak barwa
Who radiated the colorful victorious banner of oral transmissions and treasure teachings

dzamling gyatsö jang chok bö kyi yul
In the country of Tibet, to the north of the ocean of Dzambuling, the southern continent,

luk nyi trim kyi gewé tso dzepa
Which was sustained by the virtue of holy Dharma and the dignity of the noble worldly rule of civilization 

tupten gyatsö kha la drengwa po
Of Thubten Gyatsho,[5] Ocean of Buddha's Teachings. The one who raised this banner in the sky above

tsö dral ter chen lerab lingpar drak
Was the indisputable great terton, the renowned Lerab Lingpa, Islander of Excellent Activities.

gang dé lar yang drowé dön gyi chir
To benefit beings, you are again

kyewé gyu gar ngom pa ngö dzin ching
Recognized to have shown the emanations of magic wisdom dance.

jikten drin gyi kyang pé kyé jé kyi
An ordinary father[6] treating a child in a worldly way

drenpé da dral yap chik gewé shé
Cannot be compared to the sole holy supreme father, the virtuous teacher,

chökyi lodrö chö kyi kyé sing shing
Chokyi Lodro,[7] Wisdom Intelligence of Holy Dharma, who raised and nourished you by holy Dharma.

dzokpachenpo rang nang rimé kyi
The impartial sole selfless phenomena of Mahasandhi's

chö kyi dütsi nyen gyi padmo la
Teachings of nectar were spread in your lotus ears

torwar dzepé dren chok kadrin chen
By the supreme guide of great compassion,

nyi nang dü dé jom pé herukah
The Heruka, Annihilator of the massive evil of duality,[8]

tashi pal gyi jorpa la sokpa
By Tashi Paljor, The One who Obtains the Glory of Auspiciousness,[9] and so on.

gang du pakpé gang zak su shyukpa
Wherever sublime beings abide, whoever they are,

dé dang dé dak güpé chö jé shing
You have humbly and faithfully worshipped all of them.

gé dik ngo mi shépé ta khop tu
In the non-Buddhist country of not knowing virtue or nonvirtue,

gé dik lang dor tönpa dampé chö
You reveal the acceptance of virtue and abandonment of nonvirtue.

darwé lé du shé dang druppé dé
In order for holy Dharma to flourish, you established institutes of learning and retreat places for practice,

darwé ten tsa nup chok dzin mé khyön
Spreading the foundation of teachings within the Western land

khol bu khol bur gyépé ngo tsar gyi
That expands in different places and different times.

dzépa mé jung sogyal rinpoché
The one whose activity is wondrous, Sogyal Rinpoche,

shyap pé yün tar ten ching trinlé gyün
May your lotus feet be firm for a long time, and may the continuity of your activity

yar gyi chuwo chu tren tar gyé shing
Increase like summertime's flowing rivers and pristine streams

rimé tenpa dzinpé gyatsö jing
May you fulfill the wishes of the holder of the ocean of profound non-sectarian teachings,

tendzin gyatsö gyé pa kong gyur té
Tenzin Gyatsho,[10] His Holiness the Dalai Lama,

dro kün pen dé pal gyi tsowar shok
And may all beings sustain in the glory of benefit and happiness.

Thus, this was written by Thinley Norbu according to the request from Kimberly Poppe, Pema Chotsho, secretary of Sogyal Rinpoche, with scarf and offering.


  1. Whenever Hearers, Solitary Realizers, or Bodhisattvas perform activity for the benefit of others, they have to examine or consider whether it will benefit or harm. Then, if it is beneficial, they can perform that activity. Buddha's activity is not like that. Buddha's activity is always beneficial, always pervasive, and always effortless.
  2. The One who is from the Continent of Rakshas. There are infinite histories of Guru Rinpoche, including the history that after Tibet, Guru Rinpoche went to subdue rakshas in order for the rakshas' phenomena of killing not to be created.
  3. This is the nature of Guru Rinpoche.
  4. This refers to the emanation of Guru Rinpoche, the previous Sogyal Rinpoche, Lerab Lingpa.
  5. The Thirteenth Dalai Lama.
  6. This term bskyed byed is not referring to Sogyal Rinpoche's actual father, but only generally to worldly parents.
  7. This refers to Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro.
  8. This refers to His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.
  9. This refers to His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.
  10. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama.