Seven aspects of kyerim

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Seven aspects of kyerim[1]:

  1. focusing the mind on the deity (Wyl. lha la sems bzung ba)
  2. correcting flaws that involve change (Wyl. ‘gyur ba’i skyon bcos pa)
  3. separating from the deity (Wyl. lha dbral ba)
  4. bringing the deity onto the path (Wyl. lha lam du slong tshul)
  5. merging the mind with the deity (Wyl. lha rang sems dang bsre ba)
  6. connecting the deity with reality (Wyl. lha don la sbyar ba)
  7. bringing everyday experiences onto the path (Wyl. spyod yul lam du khyer ba)


  1. Ladder to Akanishta by Jikme Lingpa in Deity, Mantra & Wisdom, p.41.

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