Seven faults for all types of kyerim

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The seven faults for all types of kyerim practice are:

  1. forgetting the focus
  2. laziness
  3. fear of not accomplishing
  4. dullness
  5. agitation
  6. the effort of being discontent even when the deity is visualized
  7. the lack of effort of remaining indifferent when the deity is not visualized

Their respective antidotes are:

  1. to be mindful as the remedy against forgetfulness
  2. to cultivate trust and diligence against being lazy
  3. to focus on basic space as the remedy against fear
  4. to stay in bright and cool places when dull
  5. to generate sadness and lower the gaze when agitated
  6. to relax mentally when involved in effort
  7. to exert oneself when not effortful