Seven lineages of transmission

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Seven lineages of transmission (Tib. བརྒྱུད་པ་བདུན་, gyü pa dün, Wyl. brgyud pa bdun)

  1. mind direct transmission of the buddhas (rgyal ba dgongs brgyud)
  2. sign transmission of the awareness-holders (rig 'dzin brda brgyud)
  3. oral transmission from special individuals (gang zag snyan brgyud)
  4. entrustment transmission of dakinis (mkha' 'gro gtad [rgya'i] brgyud)
  5. transmission of aspiration and empowerment (smon lam dbang bskur brgyud)
  6. transmission of compassionate blessings (thugs rje byin rlabs brgyud )
  7. the authoritative ultimate transmission (bka' babs don bryud) [1]


  1. Source: Lopön Thekchok Yeshe Dorje, Ocean of the Eight Herukas: A Guide to the Meditation on the Awesome Ones' Assembly (dpal 'dus bsgom khog bka’ brgyad rgya mtsho), page 463.

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