Shedra 2009 Teachings on Mipham Rinpoche's commentary on the Uttaratantra Shastra - Part 4

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This is part 4 of the teachings on the Uttaratantra Shastra. How the distinct features are illustrated by space Collectively, how they are indivisible The qualities of the rupakaya, results of maturation How all the signs are present in the two kayas How the rupakaya is illustrated by the analogy of the moon

The Seventh Vajra Point: Activity The Activity, which is what brings about realisation Explaining that it is spontaneous and uninterrupted Brief introduction It is spontaneous It is uninterrupted Detailed explanation It is spontaneous It is uninterrupted Presentation of the differentiating terms Explanation of the essence of their meaning

  • Teaching of 17-Feb-2009: The seventh vajra point.
    online: 20090217PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.494-500, verses 279-290. How these are illustrated through analogies Detailed explanation of the analogies and their meaning Summarising how it is uninterrupted Confirming that through analogies Synopsis of the different analogies Explanation of each combined with its meaning How he manifests emanations: the Indra analogy Although no thought is involved he acts for others' benefit The illustrating analogy The appearance of the reflection on the pure ground People's application of virtuous actions Through those virtuous actions they attain the desired state Without any effort the goal is brought about The meaning that it illustrates In pure minds it is perceived as the rupakaya

  • Teaching of 18-Feb-2009: The analogy of Indra.
    online: 20090218PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.500-505, verses 291-305. The desired state is thereby accomplished Although it makes no effort its goal comes about Gradually the ultimate, the dharmakaya, is reached Explanation relating these together As a summary, how he is not born and does not cease to exist How he speaks his instructions: the analogy of the sound of the drum The sublime Dharma is taught like the drum of the gods Detailed explanation It happens without effort It arises from their actions How it brings about peace Summary

  • Teaching of 19-Feb-2009: The analogy of the drum.
    online: 20090219PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.505-511, verses 306-319. Its specific superiority compared to the analogies Summary Detailed explanation How its occurrence depends on circumstances How his wisdom and love are omnipresent: the clouds analogy Corresponding to the increasing of crops Summary of how it is without effort Explanation through how it occurs because of circumstances Corresponding to the changes brought about by the vessel The analogy Its meaning Corresponding to the regardlessness Summary by means of three analogies Detailed explanation of their meaning How the activity is implemented regardless

  • Teaching of 20-Feb-2009: The analogy of the clouds.
    online: 20090220PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.511-517, verses 320-334. Corresponding to the extinguishing of fires How he performs illusions: the Brahma analogy

  • Teaching of 21-Feb-2009: The analogy of Brahma.
    online: 20090221PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.517-521, verses 335-342. How he radiates primordial wisdom: the sun analogy

  • Teaching of 22-Feb-2009: The analogy of the sun.
    online: 20090222PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.521-526, verses 335-352. The secret of his mind: the precious jewel analogy The secret of his speech: the echo analogy The secret of his body: the space analogy How he implements his compassion: the earth analogy Summary of the meaning while expressing the need

  • Teaching of 03-Mar-2009: The analogy of the precious jewel.
    online: 20090303PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.526-532, verses 353-369. Further summary and particular explanation

  • Teaching of 04-Mar-2009: The themes of the section, how the activity is without effort.
    online: 20090304PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.532-537, verses 353-384.

The Benefits Their benefits

  • Teaching of 05-Mar-2009: The benefits.
    online: 20090305PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.537-543, verses 377-386. Note: Numbering of verses from this chapter onwards follows Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's version, which has an offset of eight compared to the numbering from last teaching.

3.2.3.The benefit of interest or devotion for these four points Presentation by praising them as supreme How difficult these four points are to realise The way benefit from realising them is acquired Superiority to other virtuous skilful means Brief Presentation Detailed Explanation Superiority to generosity and making offerings Superiority also to discipline Superiority even to meditation The reason of this superiority: the gaining supreme wisdom Explaining with other distinctions The benefit of gaining the ultimate result The benefit of entering the path Generating the mind of enlightenment, bodhichitta in apsiration Engaging in the six paramitas, bodhichitta in action Completely perfecting the paramitas The three aspects of merit accumulation The two obscurations eliminated Gaining the supreme antidote: wisdom
3.3.Concluding points
3.3.1.Detailed explanation of the concluding subjects The way the shastra was composed The scripture it is based on, and its purpose The way the explanation where given The essence of the Words of the Buddha Explanation that everything according to the Buddha's words should be accepted

The Rigpa Shedra 2008-2009
  • Teaching of 06-Mar-2009: Having the four points of hearing, contemplating, meditating and having aspiration to them not only ensures that a Bodhisattva doesn't get discouraged on the path, it also is a means to generate all the accumulations of merit and wisdom.
    online: 20090306PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.543-548, verses 387-395. How to avoid altering the Dharma Instructions to hold the authentic means The way personal creation is eliminated Elimination of partisan attitude Identifying the causes of altering the Dharma, and eliminating them Eliminating of the results alteration Elimination of lower rebirth Elimination of samsara

  • Teaching of 07-Mar-2009: A warning not to misinterpret or manipulate the words of the buddha.
    online: 20090307PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.548-552, verses 396-400.

The Dedication Dedication of the merit and summary of the way the text was composed Dedication Summary of the way the text was composed
3.3.2. Brief explanation by presenting the way the explanation was given

4.The way the meaning of this text was perfectly translated

  • Teaching of 08-Mar-2009: The dedication. This teachings concludes the teachings on Mipham Rinpoche's commentary on the Uttaratantra Shastra.
    online: 20090308PH1030DP.mp3
    Mipham gsung 'bum p.552-556, verses 401-404.

The Shedra is now being concluded with a one-month closed retreat here in Pharping / Nepal.

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