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This title seems to be a bit misleading, although rgyal refers to kings i guess it should be understood as 'king-like spirit'. (see the wiki entry gyalpo ) It seems to be Pehar ( and so I've translated it as 'the five manifestations of the king-like spirit Pehar'

When we say Dharma king it looks as if we mean kings like Tsisong duetsen

Yes, it is misleading for those who are not familiar. I think we might want to consider including the "sku" in the translation. (Christopher Bell has translated rgyal po sku lnga as "the five body kings" but I'm not sure that helps. He says Pehar is the head of the group.) I think chos rgyal might be short for chos skyong ba'i rgyal po here. Perhaps we should say something like the Five Forms of King-like Spirit who Protect the Dharma... --adam (talk) 16:23, 19 September 2016 (CEST)

I thought of translating sku somewhat freely with manifestations, which is a bit more positive perhaps as Form. Also I would include Pehar in the name, cause I think that is implied and I don't think there are cases of chos rgyal sku lnga which do not refer to Pehar. Indeed chos probably would refer to chos skyong. I had left it out in fear of making the name a bit long. Perhaps the Five Manifestations of the King-like Spirit Pehar who Protect the Dharma? But perhaps form is more accurate. I asked TRP and he confirmed five refers to BSM qual activity