The Sutra of Vasishtha

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In this sutra, The Sutra of Vasishtha (Tib. གནས་འཇོག་གི་མདོ་ཞེས་བྱ་བ།, Wyl. gnas 'jog gi mdo) while residing in Nyagrodha Park in Kapilavastu, the Buddha meets an emaciated, long-haired Brahmin named Vasishtha. When the Buddha asks Vasishtha why he looks this way, Vasishtha explains that it is because he is observing a month-long fast. The Buddha then asks him if he maintains the eightfold observance of the noble ones, prompting an exchange between the two about what the eightfold observance entails and how much merit is to be gained by maintaining it. After outlining the eightfold observance, the Buddha tells Vasishtha that there is far more merit to be had in maintaining it, even just once, than there is to be gained by making offerings. At the end of the sutra, Vasishtha takes refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha, and he pledges to maintain the eightfold observance and also practise generosity.[1]


The Tibetan translation of this sutra can be found in the General Sutra section of the Tibetan Kangyur, Toh 333.


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