Treasury of the Supreme Vehicle

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Longchen Rabjam

The Treasure of the Supreme Vehicle (Tib. ཐེག་མཆོག་མཛོད་, Tekchok Dzö, Wyl. theg mchog mdzod) is one of the Seven Treasuries composed by the omniscient Longchenpa. Its 25 chapters provide a comprehensive treatment of a full range of Dzogchen topics.


  1. How the teacher came into this world system.
  2. An explanation of world environments and the beings therein.
  3. The spread of the Dharma.
  4. The philosophical systems.
  5. Aspects of certain meaning regarding Vajrayana.
  6. Empowerment classifications.
  7. Samaya discussion.
  8. Explanation of the Primordial Ground.
  9. Explanation of how the Ground spontaneously manifests as samsara and nirvana.
  10. The manner of going astray.
  11. How this occurs with respect to embodied karmic traces.
  12. Detailed explanation of essentials (tsa lung tikle).
  13. Enumeration of the four lamps (the support of primordial wisdom).
  14. Laying out how understanding is based on this.
  15. Discussion of alaya and dharmakaya.
  16. Explanation of all-encompassing space (Tib. དབྱིངས་, Wyl. dbyings) and wisdom (ཡེ་ཤེས་, Wyl. ye shes).
  17. Vast explanation of the profound path for those of gradualist capacity, using objects of focus and concentration (for those who like mental elaboration).
  18. Teaching which secures one on the path of essential vajra luminosity (for those free of mental elaborations).
  19. Teaching which secures one to the oral precepts that free one (for those with special superior capacities), the precious method of being free "without meditation", oral precepts on trekchö.
  20. Essentials in the practice of primordial wisdom with respect to spontaneous tögal.
  21. A vast explanation on the stages of practice regarding direct introduction.
  22. A vast explanation on the signs of certainty regarding the practices.
  23. A teaching on the way that the bardo manifests (how those with average capacity can become enlightened in the bardo).
  24. A teaching on how they gradually attain the ultimate result in the nirmanakaya pure land.
  25. An elaboration of the ways of achieving this, for those of lesser capacity.

Tibetan Text

Further Reading

  • Franz-Karl Ehrhard, The Oldest Known Block Print of Klong-chen Rab-'byams-pa's Theg mchog mdzod: Facsimile Edition of Early Tibetan Block Prints, with an Introduction by Franz-Karl Ehrhard, Lumbini International Research Institute, Lumbini: 2000