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Tsari (Tib. ཙཱ་རི།, Wyl. tsA ri ; Chi. 匝日神山) or 'Pure Crystal Mountain', is a sacred mountain of Tibet and counted among its three holiest places along with Mount Kailash and Lapchi. As such it is a major pilgrimage destination. The Drukpa Kagyü and Drikung Kagyü schools have linked it with the sacred sites of the Chakrasamvara Tantra, and Tsangpa Gyaré Yeshe Dorje 'opened' it as a sacred place in the 12th century.

Located in Luntse County of Lhoka Prefecture, in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, and close to the border with the northern Indian state of Arunchal Pradesh, it culminates at 5,735 meters above sea level.

Further Reading

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