Twofold purity

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Twofold purity (Tib. དག་པ་གཉིས་ལྡན་, dakpa nyiden, Wyl. dag pa gnyis ldan) —

  1. Firstly, purity in the sense that it is always pure by its very nature (Tib. ངོ་བོ་ཡེ་དག་, ngowo yé dak, Wyl. ngo bo ye dag), and secondly, purity in the sense that all the adventitious stains have been purified (Tib. གློ་བུར་བྲལ་དག་, lobur dral dak, Wyl. glo bur bral dag).
  2. Alternatively, the phrase twofold purity can refer to purity of the two kinds of obscuration, emotional and cognitive.