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གནོད་སྦྱིན། (Wyl. gnod sbyin ) Pron.: nöjin

  • Skt. यक्षः, yakṣa, Pron.: yaksha. From Sanskrit: a living supernatural being, spiritual apparition, ghost, spirit | to some native •Comms. | N. of a class of semi-divine beings (attendants of Kubera, exceptionally also of Vishṇu | described as sons of Pulastya, of Pulaha, of Kaśyapa, of Khasā or Krodhā | also as produced from the feet of Brahmā | though generally regarded as beings of a benevolent and inoffensive disposition, like the Yaksha in Kālidāsa's Megha-dūta, they are occasionally classed with Piśācas and other malignant spirits, and sometimes said to cause demoniacal possession | as to their position in the Buddhist system | a subdivision of the Vyantaras | N. of Kubera | of a Muni | of a son of Śvaphalka | of Indra's palace | a dog [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW