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དགའ་བོ། (Wyl. dga' bo) n. Pron.: gawo

  • Skt. Nanda. Nanda, Buddha's cousin [Names] [Buddha Shakyamuni's Disciples]
  • Skt. नन्दः, nanda, Pron.: nanda. From Sanskrit: joy, delight, happiness | also | (in mus.) a flute 7 inches long | N. of one of Yudhi-shṭhira's 2 drums | of one of Kubera's 9 gems | a son | in | N. of Vishṇu | of one of Skanda's attendants | of a Nāga | also | of a | deity | of an attendant on Daksha | of a son of Dhṛita-rāshṭra | also | of a step-brother and disciple of Gautama Buddha | of a son of Vasu-deva | of the foster-father of Kṛishṇa and ancestor of Durgā | (also | of a leader of the Sātvatas | of a king of Pāṭali-putra and founder of a dynasty consisting of 9 successive princes | of the number 9 (because of the 9 Nandas) | of •sev. scholars and authors | of a mountain | and [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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