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དངོས་གྲུབ། (Wyl. dngos grub) n. Pron.: ngödrub

  • Skt. सिद्धिः, siddhi, Pron.: siddhi. From Sanskrit: accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, complete attainment (of any object), success | the hitting of a mark (loc.) | healing (of a disease), cure by (comp.) | coming into force, validity | settlement, payment, liquidation (of a debt) | establishment, substantiation, settlement, demonstration, proof. indisputable conclusion, result, issue | decision, adjudication, determination (of a lawsuit) | solution of a problem | preparation, cooking, maturing, maturity | readiness | prosperity, personal success, fortune, good luck, advantage | supreme felicity, bliss, beatitude, complete sanctification (by penance), final emancipation, perfection | vanishing, making one's self invisible | a magical shoe (supposed to convey the wearer wherever he likes) | the acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means or the supposed faculty so acquired (the eight usually enumerated are given in the following Śloka, [aṇimā] [laghimā pṛaptiḥ prākāmyam mahimā tathā īzitvaṃ ca vazitvaṃ ca tathā kāmavasāyitā]| sometimes 26 are added, e.g. [dūra-śravaṇa], [sarvajña-tva] , [agni-stambha]) | any unusual skill or faculty or capability (often in comp.) | skill in general, dexterity, art | efficacy, efficiency | understanding, intellect | becoming clear or intelligible (as sounds or words) | (in rhet.) the pointing out in the same person of various good qualities (not usually united) | (prob.) a work of art | a kind of medicinal root (= [ṛddhi] or [vṛddhi]) | (in music) a partic. Śruti | a partic. Yoga (either the 16th or 19th) | Success or Perfection personified | N. of Durgā | of a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma | of the wife of Bhaga and mother of Mahiman | of a friend of Danu | of one of the wives of Gaṇeśa | N. of Śiva (in this sense m.) [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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